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About Us

About Us

Amy and Jess are award-winning creators based in Oklahoma City. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment and digital influencer industry, Amy and Jess bring a knowledgeable, fun energy to all of their endeavors. Their quick wit and creative spirits offer a unique perspective to any project.

With strengths in creative strategy, video, live-streaming, community building and leadership, Amy and Jess reach a massive national and international audience of women and men (most of whom have children) with a penchant for positivity and a healthy dose of humor.

We are thrilled to brainstorm, strategize and execute an awesome way to reach your audience. Send us an email! We’re ready to hatch your next big plan. Wanna know what you’re in for? Click here to see a collection of our past and present work.


About Amy

Amy Bellgardt dove into the blogging world in 2008 as a way to connect with other mothers in the online space. Fast forward to 2017 and she’s the lifestyle blogging powerhouse behind MomSpark.com — a trendy blog for moms that includes articles on food, travel and social good initiatives.

Amy has been featured on Buzzfeed, Better Homes & Gardens, and Real Simple magazine and was voted “Best Parenting Vlog” in 2016. Amy is also the co-founder of Totally Profesh — a large online community of bloggers and influencers looking to level up their “profesh” game.

Amy lives in Oklahoma with her video producer husband and two boys, 17 and 9.

About Jess

Jessi Sanfilippo is the comedian behind SHUGGILIPPO – a collection of millennial pop culture, entertainment and lifestyle properties established in 2008. Prior to bringing her sense of humor to the millennial and millennial parenting verticals online, Jess had a successful career in the radio industry. In both industries, Jess has created communities of relatability through comedy for both women and men.

Jess has been featured by MTV, Buzzfeed, Justin Timberlake, and Elizabeth Banks and was voted Best Video in 2015. Jess co-founded Totally Profesh with Amy in 2016. She talked about it already so I won’t describe it again.

Jess splits her time between Oklahoma City and Los Angeles, with her son, 9.